The Business Kit

The Business Kit

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When I first started my photography business, I was LOST. How am I supposed to write up a contract? What even is an invoice? How do I get brands to notice me? What do I even say in an email to get them to book? So many questions, and now that I’ve been there – done that – I want to make YOUR life so much easier with The Business Kit – aka professional photography business templates!

Not only am I giving you the words to say that will help you look professional, I’ve created these easy-to-customize, pre-designed business templates that will blow your clients away. I’ve also included a thorough instruction video on how to actually use these documents and what they’re for!

Your purchase includes:

  • 2 Contracts – one for lifestyle/wedding clients and one for brands.
  • Invoice – keep your finances organized + clearly lay out your services so you never have to feel nervous about how much you charge.
  • Media Kit – impress brands when you reach out with the best of your work!
  • Photo Release – make it clear what the images will be used for + make sure you get paid for licensing and print.
  • Pricing Sheet – includes a cover page and 3 different page templates, as well as pricing examples for brands, social media, general photography, and weddings.
  • Email Templates – 4 word documents containing email responses for wedding clients, brand clients, client follow up, and cold emailing a company you want to work with! Also includes instructions on how to install them as canned email responses so you can save time!
  • Instruction video – what each document is used for (aka why do I need a media kit?), how to customize each one in Adobe Photoshop, how to change the colors, text, and images to fit your branding, including your signature, and saving + delivering the files to your clients.
  • *All templates are PSD files. Please make sure you have the compatible software (Adobe Photoshop CC) to use them. Refunds will not be given due to incompatible software. All email templates are .docx files.

Please review our refund policy on the front page before purchasing.

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