Using Presets for Video

There are two main ways you can use presets on video. The first is applying the preset to a video in Lightroom. Go to import, select your video, and on the right panel select the preset you want to apply under "Apply During Import." Once imported, you can toggle some basic settings on the right-hand panel under "Quick Develop." Once you've adjusted how you like, export the video. Now you can import the newly colored video into any editing program. Keep in mind, these presets were not created for video, so it most likely won't work with every video you upload. You can apply the preset to a photo beforehand and make adjustments, save as a User Preset, and then apply to a video as well.

The second method is for Final Cut Pro:

You will need to buy two separate plug ins:

Lut Utility

Look Converter

  1. Open up Look Converter and click neutral filter. Click on the destination you want exported and it will export as a jpeg file.
  2. Import neutral filter JPEG and import into lightroom
  3. Choose your preferred preset and remove grain, clarity, sharpness, and profile correction. Make sure exposure, saturation, vibrancy are set at 0.
  4. When you export you make sure the dimensions are exactly 1496x 1360 or it won't work. 
  5. Head back to Look Converter plug in and click on 3D Lut.
  6. Once you click you will see the same folder that you exported the jpeg to. Click on the jpeg and click into open and then it will convert the jpeg into a lut.
  7. Go to system preferences. Click on add button. Now you can add the luts you just created. It will be in a .cube file.
  8. Next head to Final Cut Pro and go down to Lut Utility and drag onto video clip. You will see all your LUTS in there!
  9. Restart Final Cut Pro for the LUT to appear.

My awesome friend Lauren has a video tutorial for this if you need more help!