How to install presets to Lightroom Mobile!

1. Make sure your desktop Lightroom and mobile Lightroom are synced by going to HELP then clicking updates. Make sure you don't have any updates available, then click your name in the top left hand corner. Click sync to mobile.

2. Create a collection (Example: HBGOODIE Presets) so it stays on the top of your folders in mobile.

3. Select one photo for each preset you want to convert (it doesn't matter what photo it is). It helps to name the image file after the preset you want to save. Add all the photos to the collection. 

3. Apply each preset to your photo of choice. So for example, you would apply the preset "Essential01" to the image you named "Essential01."

4. To make sure your collection will be visible in Lightroom Mobile, make sure it is synced. Right click on it and ensure the "Sync with Lightroom mobile" option is checked. You know it's syncing because a little arrow icon shows up to the left.

5. Now open up Lightroom Mobile on your phone.

6. When everything is synced (which might take a while if you're doing more than one preset!), Lightroom Mobile will show you your collection alongside any other collections you have synced.

7. Click on the collection with the Lightroom presets we just synced.

8. Select the photo with the preset you'd like and wait until it fully loads. Wait for the histogram of the photo to appear on the screen just above your preset photo.

9. Now click and go back twice to the folder screen and click on the folder holding the photos you want to apply your preset to.

10. Choose the photo you want to apply the preset to and make sure the histogram has appeared. Tap anywhere on the tool box at the bottom of the screen. A second strip with various settings will appear just above it, scroll to the very right and tap on "Previous."

11. Tap “Everything from Previous” in the popup menu.

12. Now the preset is applied and you can adjust it as you need!

Here's how you can set up your Lightroom Classic to sync with Lightroom Mobile.