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I am by no means a 'photographer' so I never wanted to buy expensive presets that I wouldn't know how to work. I have always admired Heather's instagram and the way she edited her photos. I bought the mobile presets and immediately fell in love! They are so simple to use and she even gives easy tips on how you can tweak the photo after applying the preset. If you take/ edit a lot of photos on your phone I would highly recommend. Well worth the $30!


At first, I was a little hesitant about buying these presets since Heather's pictures are so green and blue and living in Texas, not much is completely green or blue lol! But I went for the plunge and after I watched Heather's super helpful instructional video, I could manipulate any photo the way I wanted it to look and all the presets work with all of my stuff! No matter the colors! Plus, it's forced me to get wayyyyy better at using lightroom on my iphone and now I feel like a pro! DEFINITELY WORTH IT!


The business kit is a must have if you are working with brands, companies, and other types of clients. These template have taken so much stress off of me since I started using them. From the pricing templates to contracts to the email templates... everything is so clean and looks very professional. My business has gone so much smoother with these awesome tools. I don't normally write reviews, but this kit absolutely deserves 5 stars. Heck I'd give it more stars if that was an option. Stop messing around and just get it!


Heather's business kit has been such an awesome purchase! The format of the templates are easy to work with, the contracts are clear & to the point, and the email responses include everything I could possibly want to say! I love how sleek, beautiful, and professional this all is. I would 100% recommend this product. It is much faster than creating contracts and templates from scratch like I've been doing. I've had it for a week, and already my most recent bookings have gone so smoothly thanks to these tried & true techniques. Thank you, Heather!


I actually have never used client contracts or photo releases before purchasing Heather's business kit. It has been so helpful and informative! It even comes with an instructional video which was a life saver for me since I'm not very confident in Photoshop!


Purchasing her preset packs have been the best decision and investment I have made in the early stages of my photography business! They make the editing side of photography fun and easy! If you have been considering purchasing her preset packs but haven't yet, don't wait any longer! You will be so glad you did it because they are not only amazing, but they are very easy to work with!


These presets are stunning and easy to use! With the follow-up emails, the facebook group, etc, you know she is dedicated to helping her customers improve the quality of their content (whether that's for personal or commercial use). I would recommend these presets to anyone who wants their photos to stand out!


I love heather's essential presets!!! They are so vibrant and I love how unified all my photos look now. I'm a beginner to Lightroom and she makes editing so easy! Excited to learn more and explore more of heathers presets!

Mary Anne

These presets are the best presets that I have ever purchased! They are so affordable and super cute! I am totally in love with these. I recommend them 100%!!



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